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Sugar Baby Biewers is very proud to announce that we have been chosen by the Editors at Family Pet Relocation's for their Prestigious Web Award.  The award was given to Sugar Baby Biewers because of the following... and I quote:

"Excellent content
Design and presentation
Attention to Details
Prestige and visibility
Promoting excellent health to the Biewer breed
Encouraging compassion and caring for animals"

Sugar Baby Biewers received the below award and needless to say we are thrilled
and will proudly display the award for all to see.

Welcome to Sugar Baby Biewers!
Where the Sweetest Babies are Sugar Babies!!

This website is fun and playful like the Biewer breed, but also filled with important information.  There's a little bit of everything on the website from the serious to the cute.  You can learn about the Biewer Breed on our Biewer History page, experience Oolie's adventures in the Ring as she became an Adult International National Champion.  View our Sugar Mommas and Sugar Poppas pages and see a ton of photos of our beautiful Sugar Babies, past and present.  The Nursery always has up to date information as to when we're expecting too. If you just want to have some fun, you can check out our silly slideshows & fun videos on our Biewer Funnies page and then shop with us at some of the best online shops where we share special Shout Outs on our About Us page.  Also on that page you will find many links to clubs, forums, registries, etc.  Our newest project is Kruzee Kreations where we are selling custom made Belly Bands and Squeekee Toys.  Check Us Out :)

Sugar Babies is dedicated to breeding Healthy, Confident pups that are Beautiful and rich with Personality.  We will only be breeding once or twice a year and we'll be quite selective with whom we'll select to adopt one of our sweet babies.  Please visit our Adoption page to read a little more about adopting a Sugar Baby puppy and if interested send us an application to be on our waiting list.

Soooooooooo... grab yourself a drink or get a little snack and sit back for a while and enjoy our website.   If you'd like, drop me a hello as I always love to talk about our Beautiful Biewers... and remember...

the Sweetest Babies are Sugar Babies!!!