In 2006 I immediately began searching for a puppy for my beloved Corky the Yorky and while searching for a new baby Yorky I found the Biewer breed and my life has never been the same.  I found a wonderful breeder, chose the parents, waited for the new pups to arrive, and finally was offered pick of the litter.  Her name was ArryBear... and I waited 16 long weeks for her, but there were health issues and the day before my baby was to arrive, I was advised to let her go.  Nearly broke my heart and through that terrible upset I was introduced to two new friends who helped me to find not only my first Biewer girls, but a new way to spend my time as we helped to build the Biewer Breed Club of America; only when we began it was originally named the National Biewer Club of America (NBCA).  I put my heart and soul into the club, held an Officer's seat on the board as the Secretary for many years, and then one day as things changed in the club and in my life, I stepped down and eventually left the club.  I will always support the efforts of the BBCA as it has my blood, sweat and tears, but my life shifted with other things and it was time for me to say good-bye.  Throughout that time with the club and a wonderful forum called the BFF forum, I met many wonderful Biewer friends, enjoyed traveling to shows, and just partaking in something quite magical.  There is nothing that can compare to being there from the very beginning.  No one had ever heard of a Biewer 10 years ago, but today the breed is becoming more and more recognized and that makes me smile :)

Along with my passion for this incredible breed, I am also an Arctophile... that's a fancy name for collector of the Antique Teddy Bear!!!  I am also madly in love with Antique Dolls.  Specifically French Bebes from the late 1800's.  I have been in love with stuffed animals my whole life so naturally I would find my way to collecting and dealing in the trade of Antique Teddy Bears and Dolls.

So lets jump back in time to 2006 when two absolutely beautiful Biewer Sisters came into my life...
Hi...   my name is Cheryl and I am loved by my beautiful Biewer kids.  This page is ABOUT US, so I guess we have to start with me first and then go in age order!!!
Isabelle & Imaree von der Hemsbach

Isabelle & Imaree arrived from Germany on December 28, 2006.  They were 8 weeks old.  Born the day before Halloween.  I will never forget that first moment... it was love at first sight and the beginning of all things BIEWER!  Isabelle is 5 ½ pounds and her baby Sister Imaree was 4 pounds.  Imaree was my Liver Shunt survivor and proved every day that she could overcome all obstacles.  She loved life and woke up every day happy just to be alive.  Isabelle was quite the opposite, she was more the prima donna that was always afraid, nervous and very needy.  Both had their share of ongoing health issues that required a lot of care.  Unfortunately we lost Imaree in January 2012 due to a freak accident, but her Sister Isabelle is doing great and aging well and lives her life as a Princess!!!  She is the love of my life and I guard her with my heart and soul, we are forever bonded.... just as I felt about Imaree.  No doubt my heart will shatter when I have to set her free, but I know my girls will be together forever, so I am hoping that helps me get through the inevitable heartbreak.

than raising my Isabelle and Imaree!
The next special Shout Out is for a wonderful artist named Poookie.  Poookie loves to paint animals and you can tell how much she loves to paint by the beautiful things she is creating.  Poookie will paint on just about anything from purses to wallets, jewelry, cosmetic bags, glasses, etc.  I'm sure she would even paint a mailbox if you asked her!!!  She is very talented and really enjoys what she's doing and it shows. Below is a photo of the beautiful purse she made for me of all my girls and then she made this wonderful wallet with Imaree on it and asked permission to sell it on eBay!!!  I was absolutely thrilled.  Came out so beautiful.  I wish I had seen it before she shipped my bag, I would have liked to add some of those flowers around my dogs.  My next bag will be a big messenger bag as I want to add on my new puppy and flowers too! LOL

If you are looking to capture your baby on a purse or something, just pop in on Poookie and let her know what you want.  She's easy to talk to, loves animals and really enjoys her work.  When you are ready to have her create magic for you, just send her an e-mail.  CLICK HERE for Poookie on eBay!
My next special Shout Out is for Pam at SEW E Z @ THE LAKE.
Pam is the best at embroidery and she has put our Sugar Baby logo on many many things.  She is wonderful to work with and she will help you design your special look onto just about anything.  Can't say enough about the quality of her work, it's top of the line.  Click the below photo to see just a few of the items Pam has created for Sugar Babies.  Don't forget to tell Pam that Sugar Baby Biewers sent you :)

For the wonder wheels, grooming tables, etc.. visit

Click on the photo to see everything bigger...
The first special Shout Out is for Crystal at Jakey BB.  CLICK HERE FOR Jakey BB at Etsy.  I cannot tell you what I put this woman through because I could NOT decide on a color!  It was the hardest choice because I was in the process of creating a new doggy room and the colors were not 100% chosen.  Still in the thinking stages and thinking out loud in every letter.  The end result is that I think I made Crystal crazy!!!!  Finally, in a stroke of genius, I told Crystal to have fun with it and to surprise me, as I knew no matter what she did, it would be terrific,  I sat on my hands for 2-3 weeks and did not contact her.  Trust me, that was torture!!!  Finally she wrote and let me know it was being shipped and I was over the moon with excitement.  When it arrived I was absolutely without words.  It's absolutely stunning.  Better than I ever imagined.  Crystal was so excited by how the ToyBox came out that she's decided to offer it for sale on her site and call the color scheme Sugar Babies!!!  I couldn't be more honored... but mostly I'm just thankful she didn't return my money and cancel my order!!! HAHAHAHA  Click on the photo and take a look at this beautiful ToyBox she made me.  It's beyond anything I ever imagined. TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY, I'm so impressed I cannot say enough about it.  When you contact Crystal to make your own ToyBox, Bed or Leash Hook... please tell her that the crazy lady at Sugar Babies sent you :)
The next special Shout Out is for a wonderful lady named Cherie.  I found her on Etsy while looking around for a bassinet for Oolie's puppies!!  CLICK HERE FOR Cherie's Store Mungermuffin at Etsy I am so excited to share our story because she was soooo overly terrific to work with that I just can't help but SHOUT OUT how I feel.  Most people will charge you for your custom work before they will bother to even talk about things, and some will just talk, but not do anything until they see their money, but not only did Cherie talk to me before asking for payment, but out of her pocket she paid for all the materials and HOPED I would like it when she was done.  OMG, that was amazing.  I hunted around for the Snoopy Corduroy fabric and from there it was a matter of matching the plush colors for the inside and the pillow/blanket.  Ya see, Cherie was selling small sized "doll" bassinets only I wanted one bigger for Oolie... and Cherie said NO PROBLEM.  I said I want it in pink and she said NO PROBLEM.  I said I want two colors for the blanket and pillow and a top to keep the puppies warm and a pocket for my things and Cherie said NO PROBLEM!!!!  One day I receive an e-mail and a link to see the new bassinet and I was like OMG OMG OMG I LOVE IT!!!  It's everything I asked for.  It came out so fantastic, I'm so excited and cannot wait to use it... not only to provide a warm place for Oolie's puppies as we travel within the house to get weighed each day but also to the Vet's office if we have to leave the house... and photos of the puppies as they grow up will be so colorful and fun!!!  I'm just thrilled  BIG SHOUT OUT FOR CHERIE!!!   Thank you sweet lady, I had a ball working with you :)

Please note... this was a Custom Order Bassinet. 
If you want to custom design one with Cherie, click the above link and drop her a line.
This next Shout Out is for a very talented lady named Marta, and her company is called Royal Show Leads.  You can find her on FaceBook at:  Marta makes the most beautiful bows & show leads.  Her work is excpetional, I can't say enough.  I wanted a special lead for Oolie that matched a set of special bows that a dear friend named Jackie made just for Oolie.  The bows are my favorite and look so beautiful on Oolie so I shared a photo with Marta and she created a matching lead.  Colors are exact and the beads are so adorable.  Just the right amount of bling and sparkle!   I'm so excited to share this photo of the most beautiful lead I've ever owned.  Let Marta know Cheryl from Sugar Babies sent you.
Thank you Marta :)
My Beautiful Baby Girl Imaree passed away January 10, 2012.  A tragic accident took her life.  While having morning coffee, Oolie and Isabelle were having a toy fight under my chair and as I got up from my chair it tipped back and landed on Imaree's head.  I turned around and I believe that across the globe they heard my screams.  Little Harry, her best buddy, was inches away in shock and unable to move.  I lifted the chair up and in my pajamas and slippers ran to my Vet down the street but Imaree's brain was crushed and she died instantly.  At 8:30am my life changed forever and as long as I live, I will never be able to recover from this.  Imaree was the most beautiful baby who had the biggest heart.  She loved life and everyday she was so happy to be here.  She played like the dickens and then layed her head to rest on my chest as she snuggled right under my chin.  She hated to be locked up and even in ICU after her Liver Shunt Surgery, where she was supposed to rest for 3 days, they told me to come get her right away as she would not stop barking and disturbing the sick patients!! HAHAHA  OMG she was funny and she lit up my heart like a firecracker.  She sparkled... with stars in her eyes and fairy dust in her heart.  She was special... more special than any dog I've ever known.  Anyone that met Imaree was touched by her in a way they would not have expected.  I think of her often and I'm so thankful I have photos and slide shows and videos so that I can hear her bark and watch her play and see her beautiful smiling face.  I can't say good bye to my baby, so I'll say  I'll Be Seeing You my Imareeeeneeee...
OMG I loved you so...
Some Enchanted Eva-ning with
Harry Hoppelmeir
of Almost Heaven Biewers

Some Enchanted Eva-ning with Harry Hoppelmeir!  It's a mouthful, but that was her name.  Yes... Harry was a beautiful baby girl.  Tiny Tot weighing only 2 1/2 pounds.  Harry was one of the most adorable babies I'd ever seen.  Born December 19, 2007, this little spitfire kept me on my toes!!  Harry was Isabelle and Imaree's Neice.  She had a tail that was longer than her body.  She pranced around like a little pony and loved her bestest buddy Imaree; unfortunately, Imaree died infront of Harry and her life changed in an instant.  She'd never gotten over that loss and she became withdrawn, no longer wanting to play with the other dogs, and no matter how much love she got, she just wanted to be on her own.  Harry suffered a number of health issues during her life.  This poor baby didnt have it easy and as she got older, life became a little harder for Harry until finally she just gave up.  When it was time to let her go there was a beautiful peaceful feeling, as I knew finally Harry was going to be with Imaree again and Imaree was no longer going to be alone and Harry was no longer going to be sad. 

We will miss our Hawwwwwwwweeeee forever and a day!
Sugar Baby's Singular Sensation, Mamee Marmalade

My Mamee was my miracle baby. She was the all impossible litter that I waited SIX tries for. We all thought her Momma Oolie was unable to conceive, but my friend Stormy (Mamee’s Grandma) knew better. What an amazing moment in my life when I first met my precious baby. I never smiled so wide! I raised her from birth and watched her grow as she turned my hair gray from being the most CRAZY NUTTY WACKY pup! I have countless videos on YouTube as I video taped almost every moment. I don’t know why I was only allowed 27 ½ months with my baby, but I’m sure someone up there has a plan. Mamee died 24 hours after a surgery to remove a blockage in her stomach and intestines.  She developed a unexpected bacterial infection and it went into her bloodstream and we lost her.  Her last few hours were so painful that she was heavily sedated. I wasnt even able to say good-bye to her as she would not have known I was there. Her passing was unexpected, shocking and left all involved a quite broken up. It left me a bit empty to be honest.  Mamee Marmalade, only 2 years old, my future Sugar Momma, the reason I continued breeding, the reason I bought Kruzee, the amazing baby that returned the smile to my face after losing Imaree.  Miss her every day.   Rest peacefully my sweet loving and wonderful girl. Go play with Corky, Imaree and Harry and know you were so wanted, so loved and so special.
Sugar Baby Biewers Singular Sensation – Mamee Marmalade…………. Forever in my heart!

Click Mamee's photo to see many photos of her as she grew up!
Sugar Baby's Choo Choo Charlie (Chewee)

Before Chewee was born I told everyone I was not keeping another puppy from the next litter... sound familiar!!!!  Serioiusly.... look at his face, he's a doll baby and he has the sweetest personality.  There is something MAGICAL about Kruzee's temperament and we LOVE having his children and raising a house of calm sweet loving dogs. Since we lost Mamee and had to spay Boo, we decided that Chewee will be the one to carr on the Sugar Baby name.  We are so excited to see what Chewee produces. He brings not only the best of Daddy Kruzee, but the best of his gorgeous Momma Oolie Scrumptious.  Her stunning structure, coloring and overall playful disposition.  He is our lover boy!

Click Chewee's photo to see many photos of him as he grows up!
My gang loved the above toybox so much that over the years the little pups would chew the corners.  I also needed something a bit bigger and so LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!  On Etsy, made by this wonderful couple that have retired and are making toy boxes and other things made out of wood.  Click the link and give a hearty SHOUT OUT and go shopping.
I bought the extra large toy box and as you can see it has Sugar Baby Biewers painted on the bones and on the sides (not shown) is a dish that says WOOF with a bone coming out, its on both sides!!!  The back has my favorite Snoopy quote, as I’m a big fan of Charles Shulz.  If you want to paint a coat of high gloss seal on it when it arrives, it will make it look that much better, but I’m too lazy and love it just the way it is.  Pictures of our new toy box and there’s even room for some more Kruzee Kreation toys!!

If you order a toy box make sure you tell Jan that Cheryl at Sugar Baby Biewers sent you, she's the bestest so be kind and dont overload her wtih dog names for your toy boxes!! LOL
And last but not least, I have to send a VERY special Shout Out to Lori at Personally Paws.  She's been helping my carpet stay nice and clean for over 8 years now.  I used to cut up newspaper for a litter box for my Corky until someone recommended washable pee pads.  I've tried a few from various places, but have been a loyal customer since day one.  I have them in the small sizes for my car seat (just in case), medium and large for various areas, but my favorites are the 72 inchers that hide behind the sofa!!!  Hide away bathroom... but you need that with five doggies!!! 

Check out the piddle pads, they come in colors too!!
Dont forget to tell Lori that Cheryl at Sugar Baby Biewers sent you :)
Raleigh, NC
© 2009
Chulpan Kruzee Kruzenstern

The MOMENT I met Kruzee in person, it was love beyond love.  He flew in from Russia and he was right at home within moments.  One of the greatest dogs I've ever known to be honest, he reminds me of my Imaree so much love, such an easy going temperament, and all around goodness.   Kruzee almost never made it here because the first photo I saw of him he looked like a big fat Santa Claus and I said OMG NO WAY, but my friend Stormy, who found him for me said ARE YOU CRAZY?  But I did not see what she saw.  He was fat and poofy with teased and sprayed hair, and then I asked his breeder to see him NOT as a show dog, but a regular dog, and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.... he was mine!!!!  Kruzee has fathered two beautiful litters, our "B" baby Baylee Boo Bear and our "C" litter with Choo Choo Charlie, Chim Chim Cheroo and little Chu Chi Face.  He has his stamp of beauty and temperament on all his kids, we are so blessed to have him here and we thank our dear friend Stormy for finding him for us :)

Click Kruzee's photo to see many photos of him as he grew up!
Sugar Baby's Baylee Boo Bear

Before Boo was born I told everyone I was not keeping another puppy from the next litter, but the moment I saw her face, I fell madly in love!!! Baylee Boo Bear is PERFECT!!!  Perfectly gorgeous even minutes old, and continues to be the most stunning girl, matched only by her sweet n nutty temperament, loving snuggly way like her Daddy and her to die for structure.  She's my Jackpot baby!!   I cannot say enough about her, she is the female version of Daddy Kruzee.... Unfortunately, Boo stayed small and with her petite frame I did not want to risk her health in order to have puppies, so she had to be spayed... but she will remain as a little princess forever as we dont rehome our dogs here at Sugar Baby Biewers, they are family.  We are looking for her look alike as Kruzee needs a wife!!!

Click Baylee Boo's photo to see many photos of her as she grew up!
Oolie Scrumptious of Southern Belle Biewers

Oolie Scrumptious of Southern Belle Biewers.  What can I say about the dog with the tude!  I wanted a healthy dog because Isabelle, Imaree and Harry were not born healthy.  I could not have asked for a more healthy dog, she is the healthiest dog I've ever known.  I wanted to go in the ring and Oolie showed me on her first show, after winning 6 Best Puppy in Show, out of 8 shows, that she was going to Champion early.. and she did... a total of 6 shows and her second to last show she beat 11 other Biewers and won her first Adult Best in Show.  Oolie is NOT perfect in any way, but when she wants to turn her light on, BLING, it is blinding!  We had a few hiccups trying to breed Oolie, and after 2 years of trying I was convinced she was infertile, but I learned the hard way that if you dont own a male, and you dont progesterone test, you will have issues with Breeding.  Oolie gave me three amazing litters.  Her first two were singles and both girls, Mamee Marmalade and Baylee Boo Bear and her final litter was 3 beautiful boys, Rigby, Milo and Chewee.  It was an amazing and truly exhausting experience raising three boys, but Ooooooooooh we had a blast!  Oolie is now a Spayed Retired Momma who will live out her life on a big puffy pillow, she has earned that rest!  Once nicknamed WackaDoolie Oolie.... she's 7 years old and finally settling down!!!

Click Oolie's photo to see many photos of her as she grew up!
Just a few of my favorite shopping experiences!!!