Adoption Application
Please copy and paste the below Adoption Application to an e-mail or word document and send to:  In the subject line please write "Sugar Baby Biewer's Adoption Application"
Thank you so much.
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1. How did you find Sugar Baby Biewers and what made you decide to contact us at this time?

2. Are you interested in a specific puppy from the present litter or are you wanting to be put on the waiting list for future litters?  If a specific puppy has captured your heart, please let us know which puppy and why.

3. Have you spent time and read the contents of this Website, especially the Adoption Center information?

4. Please share a little information about yourself (home, work, hobbies, family, etc. The more you share the more I will be able to get to know you and your family.) Take as much space as you need and feel free to share photos if you would like!

5. Who will be the primary care giver to your new puppy?

6. Where will the puppy be kept during the day?

7. Where will the puppy be kept during the night?

8. Is anyone home during the day?

9. How many hours will the puppy be alone per day?

10.  Where will the pup be living (crate, Xpens, freedom of the house)

11.  Please share a little about your house/home. Will the puppy have full run of the home?  Are there stairs in your home? Are they open stairs? Should you be allowing your dog outside, do you have a fenced in yard? Do you have a pool? Is the pool area secure to protect the pup? Please make sure to give full detailed information of your home so that we can get a good feel for how the puppy will live.  Take as much space as you need and feel free to share photos if you would like!

12. Do you currently own any other pets?  If so, please share a little about each one and their personalities/temperament.  Share their ages, sex, size, breed, and are they spayed/neutered? If not spayed/neutered, please share why (breeding, showing, etc.)?  If you don’t currently own a dog now, have you ever owned one before? 

13.  When travelling do you have a puppy sitter or will you be boarding?

14. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

15. Are you interested in a male or female puppy and why?

16. Have you ever house trained a dog before or do you attend puppy training classes?

17.  Have you spoken with other Biewer Breeders, if so, please list their kennel names.  If you are currently on a waiting list with another breeder, please let me know that as well.

18. Have you ever returned a dog, and if so why?

19. Have you ever given a dog away or taken a dog to a shelter, and if so why?

20. Do you have the means to care for our puppy/dog including giving it yearly vet care and anything it needs to live a pampered and spoiled life? 

21. Do you have any affiliation with any Biewer Clubs and if so which one?

22. Do you understand the difference between a Limited Registration (Pet only, must be spayed or neutered) and Full Registration (shown and/or breeding potential quality)?

23. Have you ever Bred before? Do you have any interest in breeding?

24. Have you ever Shown a dog before? Do you have any interest in showing?

25. Are you looking for a future service or therapy dog?

26. Do you understand that if you can no longer keep our puppy that you must open communications with us before offering the puppy to a family member or friend.  The pup must be returned to us and NEVER go to rescue, a shelter, be used in animal testing, go to a puppy mill or to an unscrupulous breeder?  This will also include whether you are no longer able to financially care for the pup, but also if anything should happen to you and the general caregivers of the pup are not able to keep/care for the pup.  The family must know to contact Sugar Baby Biewers FIRST and we will work with your family to ensure the puppy/dog finds a new home.

27. Have you ever purchased a puppy from a breeder before and if so, did you stay in touch with the breeder after purchase or did you never contact them again?  At Sugar Baby Biewers each puppy is important to us and we consider the pups family, so we are looking for those that feel the same.  Facebook has become a wonderful place to share photos and stay in touch, do you use Facebook?  If not, would you be interested in joining so that you can join in the Biewer community forums, meet other Biewer owners, etc.

28. Please provide me with your Veterinarian's name, address and phone number. Please make sure you let him/her know that I will be contacting them.

29. Please provide me with 2 or 3 references. Include name, address, telephone number, Facebook name and email address.

30.  Sugar Baby puppies will be registered with the Biewer Breed International Registry (BBIR).  Puppy’s that are sold PET ONLY, on a Spay/Neuter contract, will not receive registration paperwork until proof of spay/neuter is sent to Sugar Baby Biewers.  To learn more about the registry, please visit the BBIR website at:

We truly appreciate your time in filling out this application.
We are only interested in people who will love and care for our puppies the way that we do.

Send your Adoption Application to
and in the subject line please write "Sugar Baby Biewers Adoption Application"

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