Sugar Baby's Scrumptious
Baylee Boo Bear
Our perfect little princess arrived on November 16, 2015 from our beautiful Sugar Momma Oolie Scrumptious and our Sugar Daddy Kruzee Kruzenstern.  We were so excited for this pairing and it certainly did not dissapoint.  Baylee Boo Bear is gorgeous!  She is everything we have ever wanted; unfortunately, as luck will have it, she is not growing big enough to breed.  Even if she did reach 5 pounds, she has a petite frame and Sugar Baby Biewers will never risk the health of our dogs for breeding.  We adore her little self and Boo has graduated to Sugar Baby Cheerleader, helping out Auntie Isabelle and her Momma Oolie.

Many photos of our stunning baby girl, Baylee Boo Bear
Sugar Baby's
Scrumptious Baylee Boo Bear
Sugar Momma
Oolie Scrumptious
Sugar Daddy
Kruzee Kruzenstern
We are so excited to watch Baylee grow up here at Sugar Baby Biewers.
Many photos to come, check back weekly. 

We are repeating this breeding in a few months,
so visit our Adoption Center and mail in you application if interested.
Raleigh, NC 27615
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