Before we begin, let's start with the ever popular question... How Do you Pronounce Biewer? 
The German pronunciation is BIVA like DIVA.   If you speak English and want to pronounce it as it's spelled, it would be BIEWER like VIEWER.  Both are acceptable pronunciations; however, whatever you decide Puleeeeeeeeeeze do not call this beautiful breed BEAVERS!!!!

Click on Oolie's Face, turn your sound on,
and she will pronounce "Biewer" for you!!

The Biewer breed originated in Hunsruck Germany. In 1984 Mr.& Mrs. Werner Biewer started the first Biewer through a gene mutation in their yorkies, also known as a recessive pie bald gene.  Although Mr. Biewer passed away in 1997, his legacy lives on through this exquisite and rare breed.
The Biewer began with the Master parents of the blue & tan Sire, "Darling von Friedheck", and the Dam, also  blue and tan in color, "Fru Fru von Friedheck".

Both dogs were world youth winners in 1981 at Dortmund. Their marriage brought the first blue-white-gold Biewer, "Scheneeflocken of Friedheck", born January 20, 1984.
The Original German Biewer Standard
written by Mr. Biewer
Mr. Biewer continued breeding his colored yorkies to achieve their white bellies and four white paws. In 1989 the Biewer was accepted as it own breed with the ACH German e.V.  The Biewer has enchanted us with their elegant coloring and disposition.

The head must have three colors; blue/black, white and gold in good symmetry. The belly, chest, legs and the tip of the tail is white. Full tail. The back is black/blue or black/blue with white in it. The hair is silky, not curly.  The black generally turns blue in time just as the Yorkshire Terrier.  The coat may take two years to get to it's final color.
We will hold true to the German Standards of this lovely rare breed. 
They will be registered in the Biewer Breed International Registry.

We are  committed to what Mr. Biewer has set forth, and continue to honor him and his work. 
Once Upon a Time...
Thank you to Dagmar Przystaw (IBC)
and Mrs. Biewer for sharing these historic photos.
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT... Herr Werner Biewer with Schneeprinz von Friedheck, Frau Schröder (kennel from Yorkie-Home of Sunshine) with Schneerubin von Friedheck, Frau Claudia Täubel (kennel vom Sonnenhof) with Schneeglocke von Friedheck, Frau Dagmar Przystaw with Blue Midnight Lady von Agridesheim, called Sissi, female offspring from Friedheck, Frau Roloff (former Bahm) with ??, Frau Christine Alber (former Stöbener), kennel von Agridesheim with Schneediavolo von Friedheck.
Please be aware that this ORIGINAL German Biewer Standard, written by Mr. Biewer, states that this breed is identified as a Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom-Pon.  The word TERRIER is not part of the name, as that breed has a completely different Standard and is not the same breed that is being offered at Sugar Baby Biewers.
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