Raleigh, NC 27615
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Sugar Baby's Choo Choo Charlie
Our sweet baby boy arrived on April 23rd from our beautiful Sugar Momma Oolie Scrumptious and our Sugar Poppa Kruzee Kruzenstern.  Chewee certainly took his time.  Momma Oolie was actually working hard for his arrival LOL he held up the entire litter!!!  His Brother Chim Chim Cheroo (Milo) arrived an hour later in a very messy way and then the cry baby of the bunch, Little Chu Chi Face (Rigby), just came out crying!!!  Oh what a bunch!!!    We decided to keep baby Chewee because... well... we couldnt let him go!!!!  He is sweet and laid back and such a confident gorgeous little boy.  We are THRILLED!!!!  Chewee is our newest Stud Muffin and we are so excited to see what he produces one day.  He brings with him the best of his Daddy and Momma. Below are his photos... and visit our PAST PUPS page to see more of Chewee and his gorgeous Brothers!
Sugar Momma
Oolie Scrumptious
Sugar Daddy
Kruzee Kruzenstern