Offering Customized Belly Bands & Squeekee Toys
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I have been playing around with sewing for only a few short years.  I enjoy making things for my dogs like beds and bed covers, squeekee toys and now belly bands.  When Kruzee entered my life I had to quickly learn what to do with this ridiculous thing called a Belly Band.  If I could show you my first attempt at sewing one you would laugh.  I called upon a good friend and asked her to make me some belly bands and with her help I'm now able to make them on my own and offer them for sale.

If you have an interest in trying a Kruzee Kreation belly band and/or squeekee toys, knowing in advance they are home made and may not be perfect, than email me or send a message through Facebook and we'll get started creating something fun!

Everything at Kruzee Kreations is...
Kruzee modeling his Pink Toile Belly Band
while playing with his hot pink plush Squeekee!
Sample Belly Bands
Below are a few photos of belly bands that were made for customers.  Each belly band is different and unique.  Some are simple and plain and others have embroidery.  Showing different fabrics, embroidery options and the choice of a top or side closing Belly Band.
Top Closing means less embroidery. Names might be smaller in size if they are too long.  Side closing belly bands have a lot more room to work with.
Belly Bands
Below are a few photos of belly bands that were made for customers.  Each belly band is different and unique.  Some are simple and plain and others have embroidery.  Showing different fabrics, embroidery options and the choice of a top or side closing Belly Band.
Yellow Seed Cotton
with name and Medium design
Jeans are available, enquire if interesed. Large design Left TOP CLOSING, top shows SIDE CLOSING
Kruzee modeling his Christmas Belly Band
Squeekee Toys
I have been making my squeekee toys for a few years now.  It always surprises me how loved they are by the dogs.  They may not look all that special, but the dogs dont seem to care! I make them in super soft plush, fleece, faux frilly fur and minky.  They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are sold in sets of three.  Toys are randomly selected, no two are alike. We also offer Puppy Squeeks which are sold in sets of 5 and they are smaller in size just right for a small puppy. Our greatest savings is a basket of 15 puppy squeeks, and we’re offering embroidery of names and small animals from the Small and Fun Design collection to be sewn onto 5 of the toys!  Huge Discount!!!  Puppy Squeeks can fill a basket for a puppy gift or if you just want toys for your new puppy or how about if you’re a breeder and you want to send your baby off with a personalized toy.  Also offered are my Tug-a-Toys.  Order either the Stuffed Tuggies or the Non Stuffed Tuggy with squeeks on either end!!  Fun for dogs to entertain themselves or for you to play along!  For a few dollars more you can have your dog's names embroidered on the ends of the toys (2 names for the price of 1)

I had the below toybox made for the new parents that adopted my baby boy Little Chu Chi Face, who is now affectionately known as Rigby!!  Rigby has a new beautiful Sister named Paris and an adorable Brother named France and from what I hear, our toys are always a big hit!!!! The box is filled with Squeekee toys and a few Tuggies!!! 

We can help fill up a toy box or create a puppy gift, contact us for bulk pricing!

My dogs cannot get enough of the long tug-a-toys. 
Photographed is a 2 ½ foot long stuffed Tuggie with four squeakers in it.  We are now making smaller Tuggies that are without stuffing and a squeeker is on either end.  SUCH FUN!!
We offer many choices in Cotton, Flannel and Minky.  We also have Jeans, Corduroy and Chenile!   Dont be afraid to put Minky on your dog if you live in a warm climate as its not lined, not heavy and Kruzee wears it in the summer and we live in the South.  Our favorite materials are Flannel and Minky, but a light touch would be cotton and a heavier touch would be Jeans, Corduroy and Chenile.  The Jeans can be a bit stiff, just like when you wear a pair of jeans vs cotton pants, so keep that in mind.  Belly Bands are lined in fun coordinating colors of solid Cotton.  Everything is pre washed and pre shrunk.  Sizing is very important as the belly bands are not adjustable.  That's what makes them so tailored looking and your dog's hair will never get stuck in the velcro!  Large Toys are created in a variety of Fleece fabrics. We go throughy so many we cant keep a fabric page for them, but drop me an email and I'll share a photo of available tug-a-toy fabrics!

Sooooo... who wants a Belly Band?
Who wants a Squeekee Toy? 
How about a Tug-a-Toy? 
Let's start with Fabric...

Click on one of the Buttons below to see all the available fabrics
in that category.  Take your time and have fun!!
Assortment of Belly Bands
and Squeekee Toys
Jungle Flannel
Showing both sides of belly band
Cupcakes Flannel
Showing both sides of belly band
Flannel Belly Bands
Colorful Cotton Inside






Belly Bands
Cotton & Flannel
Minky (embroidery available on low pile minky only, ask for available colors)
For first time buyers ordering a few belly bands, we ask that you buy one to try for size and if it doesnt fit, we will remake it for you at a 50% discount when you buy additional belly bands.

Squeekee Toys
Squeekee Toys  (3 per order)
Puppy Squeekee Toys (5 per order)
Tug-a-Toys (2 foot Tuggies with 2 squeakers)
Tug-a-Toys (3 foot Tuggies with 3 squeakers)
Discounts offered for Bulk Toy Orders!
Discounts offered for Bulk Embroidery on Toys!

Embroidery Add Ons
Embroidered Names ONLY

Embroidered Design - SMALL
Embroidered Names & Small Design

Embroidered Design - MEDIUM
Embroidered Names & Medium Design

Embroidered Design - LARGE
Embroidered Names & Large Design
Are Ya Ready to Order?
When you are ready, drop me an email or private message on FB, and let me know the fabric you want and if you want it embroidered.  I make a standard 3 3/4 width but have found the 4 inch is better for larger dogs. One inch off the belly band and it wont fit, so be sure to measure carefully.  Tell me the End to End measurement and I will add on for pad and velcro. If you need help, I have some HOW TO photos I can share.  Dont hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to help.
Kruzee & Mamee playing with the Tug-a-Toy
Font Choices
Below are 4 different font choices.  I use #2 for all embroidery unless you specifically request a different font.  Please note that font #4 is thinner and more of a script.  Its the only font that will accommodate long names.  Also, font #6 is very fat & heavy.
Kruzee is modeling his Pink Paisley Belly Band while carrying around his worn and loved baby yellow Squeekee Toy!
Cuteness Collection
(medium & large)
Summer Getaway Collection
Teddy Bear Collection
Small & Fun Collection
Puppy Squeeks
Embroidery Design Choices
Embroidery is offered for custom made belly bands and squeekee toys.  Click each photo and look through the embroidery design choices that are available. There is a website that offers free embroidered designs so if you want a turtle and I dont have one, I am ceratin we can find you a turtle!!!!  You can purchase your own designs too, email me for details!  Keep in mind that top closing belly bands and small squeekee toys have less area for embroidery, so I recommend a small or medium size design.  Feel free to choose the larger size designs for the side closing belly bands and Tug-A-Toys.  If you have have a color request, please add that information on your Order Form.  New designs are added all the time.
Kruzee modeling his Yellow Minky Belly Band. 
Has his name on it and a cute medium size design.
Minky Belly Bands with fun embroidery designs in Small, Medium & Large
All are specifically for SIDE CLOSING except the small plane can be a TOP CLOSING belly band.  Embroidery on THIN minky ONLY, cannot embroider on plush minky.  Enquire for colors available!

Kruzee modeling his cotton Blue Circles Belly Band
Raleigh, NC 27615
Email: SugarBabyBiewers@aol.com
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My goal is to make you happy.  I will work closely with you before I begin sewing your belly band and may even be a pain in the ass, especially if you are a first time buyer.  Finding the perfect fit is difficult, but that's why I offer a 50% discount on that specific belly band when you return to buy more.  Measuring properly is completely up to you, as I will be custom designing your belly band based on your specifications.  Once the item is shipped out the item is NOT returnable.  This is mostly due to sanitary reasons, so please make sure you are satisfied before your belly band is shipped.
When ready to order simply drop me an email or contact me on FB. 
Let me know what you want made (belly bands, toys, etc.)
What fabric you're choosing and if you need any help with HOW TO size, wear, etc.
or feel free to contact me on FaceBook :)

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Every Belly Band you order is made just for you. You get to choose the color, fabric, size, as well as personalizing with your dog's name.  I recently made a customized Diaper Band, which is a Belly Band made wider to go over a diaper.  Custom Made means you get to make something just for your needs and more importantly, a perfect custom fit for your dog.  No two Belly Bands or Squeekee Toys are alike and I dont charge more for Diaper bands!!!

Our Belly Bands are LIGHT -n- COMFY made without heavy padding because the actual pad or diaper is annoying enough for your dog and the longer he wears it, the heavier it gets.  All fabrics are year round, all weather.  They are pre washed and pre shrunk and everything I make can be cleaned in your washer/dryer.  All bands are interlined in the center.  The underside is a color coordinating cotton that matches your chosen fabric design.  When washing make sure the velcro is sealed and I recommend a quick iron.

Kruzee Kreations offers a variety of Fabrics and Embroidery designs; however, should you wish to customize your order with your own fabric and embroidery design, the cost will be the Customer's responsibility.  There are many websites that offer free designs too, so feel free to shop online. Please let me know before placing your order and we can talk about options.

Measuring is very easy, if you dont have a fabric tape measure, simply take the sleeve of a shirt, or a piece of fabric, and wrap it around the body of your dog (over the penis).  The goal is to make it a secure fit, but not tight.  Mark END to END, do not overlap, and then measure with a ruler or metal tape measure.  When ready, let me know the END TO END measurements and I will do the rest.

Below are many photos so you can see the belly bands and toys.  Visit each section to read about your options and when ready, contact me on FaceBook or Email with your information and we will custom make your perfect belly band.  The Price List is below and keep an eye out for holiday specials!!!  Click any photo on this page and you'll see a larger image.

Let's Have Some Fun!!
A very special
custom made belly band
Shipping begins at $3.75 for First Class Mail
Price will be based on weight
Xmas Belly Bands
offered at special price each year.  Wait for the announcement!!!