Sugar Baby's Sugar Daddy...

Chulpan Kruzenshtern
Kruzee Kruzenstern
Sugar Babies is very excited to introduce our very handsome Sugar Poppa, Chulpan Kruzenshtern.  Kruzee is beyond all our dreams.  He's funny, cute, sweet, and very intelligent.  He has the most beautiful coat, topline, earset and the list goes on and on.  Nice cobby body, sweet natured lover who takes my breath away.  Kruzee comes from the most wonderful family in Russia, who's Biewers are of the most beautiful Championed lines.  Bred by Liliya Zakirova, she's taken her dogs to greatness.  I'm beyond thrilled and honored that she would allow me to have her baby boy Kruz.

Kruzee is the best thing to happen to us as he's brought something most special to our family.  He is the most loving dog and sweet as pie and he and Oolie blessed us with two gorgeous litters, and all the kids were gorgeous, loving, sweet and either looked like Kruzee, Oolie or both, but all have Kruzee's easy going temperament.  We are gonna wait for Baylee Boo Bear to produce a gorgeous girl to carry on our lines with Kruzee.  The future looks bright :)

Below are photos of Kruzee and a few of his beautiful family before he became our Sugar Daddy!  We will try to add many photos of our baby boy!!

Raleigh, NC 27615
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Here's Kruzee's  beautiful family :)
Woody of Sunflower
Sister Kalinka Malinka
Brother Keiser Opera
Liliya (Kruzee's Breeder) and his Momma Theresa known affectionately at home as Landysh
Young Kruzee with his Brother Keiser & Sister Kalinka
Random pictures of Kruzee growing up
7 months old until present