Sugar Baby's Singular Sensation
Mamee Marmalade
Our first litter was very special as we waited quite a long time for it.  There were a few learning lessons we had to go through as new breeders, mostly because we didn't own our own stud at the time and missed many ovulation dates.  Breeding will never happen if you dont know that date and if you dont own a stud, take it from us, you need to spend the money for Progesterone Tests or you're taking risks and wasting time, just as we did.  Finally magic happened because my dear friend, and fellow breeder, Stormy Hayes from Serenity Biewers, knew the right way to make magic.  Her best boy Kahlua even winked at Momma when he got the job done.  Stormy knew right then and there, and she was right.  Our first Sugar Baby, who will be staying with us furrever was named after my beloved Imaree who passed away right after my first attempt at breeding.  We actually began breeding because of Imaree as we wanted to recreate a healthier version of her as she was the most perfect dog in every way, except for health. Our hearts are forever missing her, life will never be the same, but we know she's watching over us always & forever.  Sugar Baby dedicates all their litters to our beloved Imaree and for this first and special litter we've named the litter "KahlOolie's Dreamin of Imaree". We are pleased to introduce our first bred by baby,  "Sugar Baby's Singular Sensation - Mamee Marmalade"  and we just know there is a happy Imaree somewhere.  Below are Mamee Marmalade's proud parents, my beautiful girl Oolie Scrumptious and her handsome boyfriend Kahlua.  The moment they met, it was love at first sight.  This breeding was a match made in heaven... literally!
Sugar Baby's Singular Sensation
Mamee Marmalade
National & International Champion
Oolie Scrumptious of Southern Belle Biewers
International Champion Showtime Biewers
The Sweet Taste of Kahlua
We are so proud of our Mamee Marmalade.  She is built like her Mother, hearty, healthy and chock full of personality.  She has a beautiful structure, gorgeous coat of hair like her Daddy and we know she will be a great compliment to our beautiful Sugar Daddy Kruzee Kruzenstern.  We are so excited for her first litter,  she and Kruzee will have beautiful puppies, but we have a long wait ahead of us!!!  Please enjoy the many photos of our beloved Mamee Marmalade as she grows up here at Sugar Babies and matures into her role as Sugar Mamma!
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