The Nursery
Sugar Baby Biewers is on VACATION from breeding!
Sugar Baby Biewers has had a string of very sad events starting with the loss of our precious first born Bred By, Mamee Marmalade, who suddenly passed away due to an unexpected bacterial infection that was the restult from a surgery to remove intestinal blockage.  We are deeply shocked and pained by this loss as she was truly an amazing baby girl and we had many plans for her and our main stud Kruzee Kruzenstern.  Next in line was our stunning babydoll, 2nd Bred By, Baylee Boo Bear, who is the picture of perfection but for whatever reason has not grown big enough to breed.  At 4 1/2 pounds, with a petite frame, Sugar Babies has decided she is just too small to breed. We are sickened by this, as she truly is everything we have ever wanted in a Biewer; however, health comes first and at Sugar Babies we will NEVER put our dogs at risk for the sake of breeding.  Our dreams have once again died as Baylee Boo will have to be spayed.  After much consideration, we have decided to buy a beautiful girl to carry on the Sugar Baby dream. With two amazing males, Kruzee Kruzenstern, the son of the infamous Woody of Sunflower, and Kruzee's son, Choo Choo Charlie, who we call Chewee, we know that one day we will be ready to continue breeding. Until then, as we have a wait infront of us, we are officially on Vacation, but please check back as a new page will be created so that we can share with everyone our new baby girl and watch her grow up into the beauty we know she will be. 

Only the best for Sugar Baby Biewers!
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