Choo Choo Charlie
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Meet Choo Choo Charlie.  He was so busy playing Choo Choo he didnt want to come out, but eventually he showed up!!!  He's got beautiful markings like his Momma.  Sweet little boy with a full white muzzle with just the right amount of golds and sharp blacks.  He has a large white collar and white legs and he's gonna be so stinking CUTE!  Choo Choo Charlie was born weighing 4 1/2 ounces on April 23rd at 9:30pm.

Sugar Baby's Choo Choo Charlie (Chewee)
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Two Days Old
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5 Week Update

Choo Choo Charlie is sweet as pie.  His personality is playful and gentle.  He gives great kisses and lays on his back without struggle.  He has beautiful markings and every week he gets better and better looking. He will have his Mother's coloring, beautiful black back with white legs, tip of tail, chest and that gorgeous white collar that will frame his face.  He has rich colors a nice white muzzle with some gold and he will have sharp blues.  He is absolutely gorgeous and has the most beautifully shaped head with small ears and probably wont need taping.  Charlie is a little heartbreaker.  He is too young to know what his weight will be but I'm going to take a guess that he'll be be around 4 to 4 1/2 pounds, but again, too early to tell.  Charlie is a slow eater.  He loves his puffies but eats a bit here and there and so he goes solo for meals before the other two join him!!!  Choo Choo Charlie is a sweeeeeetue pie and he and Cheroo are best buddies, so it would be great to have them go to a home together.  There is NOTHING more wonderful than raising siblings!!!  Isabelle and Imaree changed my life and started my love of Biewers, I'm hoping to do the same!
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