Sugar Baby's Sugar Momma

Calianna Callahan of Southern Belle Biewers
Honk if you Love Clarabelle
Oolie Scrumptious
Oolie and her Sisters are getting along super well.  They are an immediate family.  When it's the right fit, it just works.  Harry is the only baby that is not too pleased with her, but that's because Oolie wants to bounce in her face and poor Harry doesn't like it.  I'm sure in time they will be good friends!!!
Oolie is at her first Dog Show.  You can read all about it on the page "In the Ring" There is video too.  Oolie did so amazing, I couldn't be more thrilled.  She enjoyed it and because she is so well socialized, she loved all the dogs and they loved her.  She got 3 Best Puppy in Show... woo hoo!
Oolie and Harry are getting along much better. Isabelle and Imaree are enjoying her a lot too.  Her training is going well, but have to admit Potty Training SUCKS!  She's sweet as pie and then there are those days when she has TUDE!!! lol
Waiting on
The Great Pumpkin!!!!
Oolie getting ready to meet Santa... trying on her holiday sweaters!
The future looks sweet :)

Imagine Oolie's babies growing up in this space!!!

That was THEN and this is NOW so check out OolieVille today!!!  It took a year of dreaming and finally an amazing Handyman turned my dreams into a reality.  Click here to see the new OolieVille!!!

It's all about the face! 
22 weeks
Oolie turns 6 months old :)

Cherry Lime Soda Bling Bow
made by Mommy!!
Oolie wearing her Signature Bow
Oolie is wearing a very special bow that our special friend Jackie, from Poochie Petite, made special just for Oolie!  It can be found on her website  Look for the Oolie Scrumptious Bow and also Everlasting as Oolie had that made for her favorite Boy Toy Everlasting Elliot!!!
Oolie at 8 months old
One of my favorite photos... the most angelic and beautiful face... and such stunning colors... she is Truly Oolie Scrumptious!

Modeling Show Bows
Oolie is 10 months old in most of the photos.  Fun SmileBox of pictures to enlarge.


Sugar Babies is very excited to introduce our beautiful Sugar Momma, Oolie Scrumptious of Southern Belle Biewers.  A long road we've traveled to find this special girl.  She is absolutely everything we've ever dreamed of. We are super excited for her pups and know they will be as beautiful, smart, and as funny as she is.  We are especially proud of our multi generation, true German Biewer lines.  Only the best will do :) 

Below is Oolie's Journey from the beautiful bouncy crazy baby she was, to the sweet, loving, wonderful Momma she's become.  We are so proud of our baby girl for all her achievements in the ring, but mostly for just being such a special part of our lives.  We can't believe how lucky we are to have her share her life with us. 

Here's WackaDoolie Oolie's Journey!
Oolie's at Sylvie's BootCamp learning how to behave like a little lady... She is teaching her words like...

Quit It
No Maam

But Oolie says...


Hmmmm this might take a while!!!
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Oolie was not in the mood for photos. 
It's so hard being 20 weeks old! HAHAHAHA
There's no mistaking those eyes, they are soooo expressive.  Oolie will let you know what she's feeling and as you can see in this photos she's saying ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE PHOTOS... OY!

Just Hangin Around!!!
Guess who turned TWO years old :)
Oolie on the left.... and her Daddy Kylie on the Right!!!
Harry, Oolie and Isabelle
Family Picture Day :)
Beautiful Sunny Day on the Window Seat :)
Oolie wanted to be
WitchiPoo for Halloween!!!
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