Past Sugar Pups
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Sugar Baby Biewers presents PAST SUGAR PUPPIES, our A to Z litters!
Of course we are only on letter "D" now but we're not in a rush!!!
Sugar Baby's "A" Litter
Our first litter was the most exciting litter.  We named her Mamee Marmalade and she was a Singular Sensation!  Mamee was a funny puppy.  Bright, Inquisitive, Loving, Sweet, Playful... she was perfect.  Sadly we lost our precious baby girl.  At only 2 years and 3 months old Mamee had intestinal blockage and due to an unexpected bacterial infection, we were not able to save her.  Her passing shattered our hearts and our Sugar Baby dreams.  RIP sweet Mamers :(

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Sugar Baby's "B" Litter
Our Second litter was another singleton and we were not looking to keep another puppy, especially not another girl, but when we took one look at Boo, we knew she wasnt going anywhere.  Sugar Baby's Scrumptious Baylee Boo Bear, and she is all that and a bag of chips!!!  The most beautiful everything.  Structure, temperament, coat, beauty beyond.  Cannot say enough about our Boo.

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Sugar Baby's "C" Litter
For Oolie's final litter she surprised us and carried three gorgeous boys.  Each with their own personalities and look.  They are perfectly placed with the most fantastic families and we are so thrilled to be able to stay in touch and watch them grow.  Chim Chim Cheroo is now Milo and living nearby.  He likes to go camping and to the beach. He's making a lot of friends and is always the social butterfly.  Little Chu Chi Face, now known as Rigby, is not too far away and living with a dear sweet wonderful couple and their two Biewers Paris and France.  Rigby is their Cousin, which was very exciting when we found out.  Choo Choo Charlie, now named Chewee, captured our hearts very early on and although we were NOT going to keep another puppy, Baylee Boo fell madly in love with her baby Brother and we had no choice!!

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Sugar Baby's "D" Litter
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