Sugar Mommas
Sugar Baby Biewers has not been breeding a long time, we've had our first three litters in the last few years and the first two litters were singles and both female, and our last litter was 3 beautiful boys. Of course we could not let our first bred by Mamee Marmalade go as she was our future with our beloved Kruzee, but sadly Mamee passed away after complications from a surgery.  She was only 2 years old and sadly we never got to breed her.  When our second baby arrived, who we never planned to keep, well lets just say it became obvious she was an exceptional beauty and we could not let her go.  Her name is Baylee Boo Bear and she is the spitting image of her adorable Father Kruzee; however, she stopped growing and is just too petite to breed.  We are on the hunt for our next Sugar Momma.  Wish us luck as we cover the entire universe for a little bit of Sugar & Magic!

Oolie Scrumptious is a very special dog.  She's filled with piss n vinegar, but also loving and sweet.  She's a complicated woman you could say!!!  She spent the first year of her life in the Ring, and even though she did very well showing, as she Championed in only a few shows, she never liked it.  She would fuss and moan and would much rather run around the house.  She retired from the ring once she Championed and that was that.  She tried to have puppies, but luck was not on our side.  Without a stud we had to send Oolie to breeder friends.  We had high hopes, but learned the hard way that without progesterone testing, it was just not gonna happen for Oolie.  Oolie was on her way to being spayed and my friend Stormy said "GIMME THAT DOG... I'LL GET HER PREGNANT" and she did.. lol... and Mamee Marmalade arrived 63 days later!!  Oolie has had 3 beautiful litters and each time she proved that she was meant to be a Mom.  Very sad she missed out on a few special times, but as a mature Mother she's taught us that at Sugar Baby Biewers we wont be breeding our girls at young ages.  Oolie is officially retired, spayed and really to pass the torch to her Daughter Baylee Boo Bear and we are so excited to see what she will produce.  The future looks grand at Sugar Baby Biewers!

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Oolie Scrumptious
When we know... you will know!! LOL
WHO WILL IT BE... stay tuned!!!
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