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Sugar Poppas
Introducting Sugar Baby Biewer's beuaituful Biewer Boys.
Kruzee Kruzenstern and his son Choo Choo Charlie (Chewee).

Kruzee Kruzenstern
Sugar Baby Biewers is in love with our beautiful Poppa, our amazing Kruzee Kruzenstern.  What a sweet baby boy.  Kruzee is so special.  He has the most adorable looks and the sweetest temperament.  He gives amazing hugs and loves to love.  He is never in a bad mood and just wants to make everyone smile.  We cannot say enough about our Kruzee.  So far he has sired two amazing litters. Both litters we've kept back a baby, as they were too irresistable to let go of!!  From our "B" litter, Baylee Boo Bear, who is the most gorgeous baby doll and from our "C" litter Choo Choo Charlie (Chewee), who is the sweetest most adorable bundle of joy.

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Choo Choo Charlie (Chewee)
This little boy stole our hearts at an early age. Little Choo Choo Charlie is beyond sweetness.  We call him Chewee and he is our born and raised Sugar Baby beauty from Sugar Momma Oolie Scrumptious and Sugar Poppa Kruzee Kruzenstern.  Such a love!  Chewee has a beautiful coat, adorable temperament and a stunning square structure.  We cant say enough about our baby boy, he is an amazing sweetie and we look forward to his future pups.

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